1- and 2-Loop FIBC Overview

1- and 2-Loop FIBCs are commonly recognized and accepted as being the most cost effective form of packaging based on a cost-to-weight transported ratio. 

Greif's 1- and 2-Loop FIBCs are capable of transporting loads between 500 kg and 3,000 kg capacity and comply with all relevant testing requirements of both the European and UN dangerous goods requirements.

The designs consist of an outer bag with either a single or double integral lifting loop configuration. Coated or uncoated operations are available depending on your requirements. Inner liners can be inserted to give additional moisture protection depending on the product and application.


Top and Bottom Constructions

  • Standard open top with filling slit
  • Filling spout with sewn-in lid
  • Square or rectangular sewn-in base
  • Star base
  • Gusseted and sewn base
  • Discharge spout (standard or Iris closure)
1-Loop Constructions 2-Loop Constructions


  • UN coded bags (X or Z coding)
  • Liners produced from Co-Ex, PP, or MC materials - clear or colored
  • Tubular or bottleneck liners suspended or glued



Up to 4 colors



Our design has been widely used for a number of years resulting in millions of bags being produced and used globally. The main markets include:

  • Agriculture, fertilizer, seed, and animal feed
  • Building industry: cement, fly-ash
  • Minerals: salt, nickle
  • Silica sand
  • Peat and tree bark

1- and 2- Loop FIBC (Big Bag)

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1- and 2-Loop FIBC Overview

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