Aggregate Bags

Greif Flexible Products & Services's aggregate bags (also known as builders, dumpy, or tote bags) have been developed for the building industry to provide some material advantages in manual handling over smaller containers.

Aggregate bags can be manufactured for single-use and for multiple-use applications. They are also available with a variety of discharge spouts and base materials.


  • A cost effective container for shipping building supplies
  • Reduces the repetitive strain and risk of handling smaller containers.
  • Eliminates the need for the manual handling or dumping of bulk aggregates on the ground at the end destination.
  • Provides branding opportunities by means of customer-specified colored fabrics and printing of logos or other corporate identifying marks - up to 6-colors.



Our aggregate bags are manufactured to comply with the required safe working load factors of 5:1 (single-trip)  and 6:1 (multi-trip).


The industry standard sizes of 90x90x90cm, 85x85x85cm, and 90x90x80cm are available. However, we can also provide customized sizes if required. 



  • Gravel
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Other construction materials

Aggregate Bags

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Tunnel Lift Bags

Tunnel Lift Bags are the new development for aggregate bags.

Greif's Tunnel Lift Bags are constructed with standard lifting loops; however, they also possess two additional "tunnels" on opposite sides of the bags.  A forklift's tines can pass through the tunnels, which both run the full width of the bag, to aid in handling.

These tunnels allow for a quicker filling cycle by removing the need for an additional operator to locate and position the loops onto the forklift's tines. Not only does this reduce labor and time associated with handling, it also provides a safer working environment.

Aggregate Bags

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