Our history and Legacy Businesses

Greif Flexible Products & Services was formed in 2010 with the acquisitions of Ligtermoet, Storsack, Sunjüt, and Ünsa. For decades, these legacy companies were recognized as industry leaders in flexible industrial packaging. Each had a reputation of trust, quality and reliability and a history of providing innovative products and outstanding customer service. We’ve brought these businesses together to create the industry’s premier productivity partner for our customers.

Our Legacy Businesses

Ligtermoet Storsack Sunjüt Ünsa
  • Largest FIBC supplier in the Benelux
  • 1865: founded as Ligtermoet Trading Company in the Netherlands
  • 1967: received the exclusive right to sell the original BIG BAG® in the Benelux and Germany
  • 1990: partnered with Ünsa.
  • 1999: developed sister company, Rebu, to offer FIBC reconditioning
  • Acquired by Greif in July 2010
  • The world’s largest supplier of FIBCs with the most comprehensive range of flexible industrial products
  • 1970: founded as International PolySacks in Germany
  • 1980: production of FIBCs started
  • 1990 through 2010: significant expansion into Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. Also, acquired several industry leaders, including Eurea and Rosenlew
  • Acquired by Greif in February 2010
  • Largest integrated FIBC manufacturing in the world with a focus on high-performance packaging
  • 1968: founded as producer of fabric for small sacks in Turkey
  • 1989: changed to focus on FIBCs and opened world’s first integrated FIBC plant
  • 1996: opened integrated Dudullu plant in Istanbul
  • 1997: established USA sales office
  • 2001: developed net baffle
  • 2001: opened Hadimkoy plant in Istanbul
  • 2003: developed France and Germany sales office
  • 2006: opened plant in Changzou, China
  • Acquired by Greif in October 2010
  • One of the largest and most technology-advanced FIBC manufacturers in the world
  • 1986: established in Turkey
  • 1987: first exports to Germany and Benelux
  • 1994: integrated Samandira factory opened in Istanbul
  • 1995-2003: commercial expansion to Germany, UK, and France
  • 2003: Sultanbeyli factory opened in Istanbul
  • 2005: Created Ünsa US
  • 2006: Opened factory in China
  • Acquired by Greif in August 2010

Our plants and sales offices

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Greif Flexible Products & Services was created in 2010 through the acquisitions of: